With over 300 game titles to play (and more added weekly), we have games of all intensity levels and for all ages. Sports games, hunting games, games of skill…. We have them all.


Come join your friends and family on our six (6) passengers, thrilling VR ride cascading through jungles, deep beneath the ocean or on any number of wild roller coasters.  Over 100 experiences to choose from so there is always a new adventure to try.

VR 360

Strap yourself in for a wild ride!  Immerse yourself in a virtual world while spinning 360 degrees.  Wild fun!


Have you ever dreamed of driving a Formula One car in Monaco or on a dirt track in Africa?  Feel every bump, turn and crash on VR Racing.

VR Infinite Battle

Protect yourself from a zombie invasion or dance to the beat of Beat Saber. Tons of fun on VR Infinite Battle.